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How to crossbreed shrimps properly

Welcome on kreuzungstabelle.de. Here you will find all the information you need to avoid mistakes when keeping different species of dwarf shrimp together.

What makes shrimp-crossing so worthwhile?

When crossing shrimp, it is relatively easy to hybridize interesting colour and shapes. Nevertheless, perseverance is required to perfect it.
With a little bit of luck, some mixed forms may develop, which have not existed yet. These breeds can be sold at high prices. 
Even if you are doing it as a hobby, the outcome is always exciting.
Mixing breeds with different colours can lead to beautiful, seldom colour combinations but can also result in pale or grey shrimp, so it is not guaranteed to always have a perfect result.
To get the outcome you are heading for, it is recommended to not crossbreed on a trial-and error-base but inform yourself which breeds can be crossed to get a more predictable result.

Crossbreeding shrimps

Colour breeding is basically simple. Put in different breeds, minimum five of both breeds to higher the chances that female shrimps are in as well, feed them and wait.

Avoiding unwanted crossings

However, often it is the case that its unwanted, that different breeds are paired up with each other.
Many β€œAquarians” and specially the Aquasqapers, aim for a perfectly mixed and balanced aquarium. Pale or colourless shrimp would interfere with that goal. 
Our intersection table below, can help you avoid unwanted results. 
You can see exactly, which shrimp species can crossbreed, and which cannot.

All cultivars that we have put together in one cell for you are able to hybridize. All tiger prawns, for example, can crossbreed with each other.
Green field = cross breeding
Red field = not cross breeding

Die perfekte suppe